Lochinvar Products are Energy-Efficient

Lochinvar is recognized as the leading producer of energy-efficient water heaters, boilers, pool heaters and now, commercial solar thermal systems. Being a privately-held company gives them the freedom to be truly marketing-based, focusing solely on their customers’ needs, not the financial demands of a quarterly statement.

As a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters , Lochinvar Corporation is not only dedicated to providing products that help protect the environment , but is also committed to encouraging green practices within the four walls of the company. Through eco-conscious manufacturing processes, recycling efforts and even lighting overhauls , Lochinvar and its employees have made “going green” a top priority.

Diverse Product Line

  • Commercial solar systems
  • Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Pool and Spa Heaters
  • Package Systems
  • Tanks
  • Options and Accessories

Featured Products

Lochinvar Knight Condensing Gas Boiler

The KNIGHT’s high-tech design and high-efficiency performance make it the smartest way to heat your home. There’s a new champion in home heating — the KNIGHT high-efficiency condensing boiler from Lochinvar. With a 93% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, you can rest assured that 93¢ out of every energy dollar goes directly into heating your home. That’s well above ENERGY STAR® standards, and its efficiency goes up to an astounding 98.6% in low-temperature radiant applications, saving you hundreds of dollars each heating season!

The KNIGHT’s burner and combustion system features the industry’s most advanced modulation for unsurpassed comfort. Ordinary boilers turn on at full power and run for a few minutes, then shut completely off – repeating this many times throughout the day. In contrast, the KNIGHT boiler will modulate from 20% to maximum input in steady increments so that you always get the comfort level you desire. It’s like having the efficiency advantage of multiple boilers in one compact, space-saving unit. The burner/combustion system also provides environmentally friendly operation (either natural gas or LP), with air quality emissions so low that they exceed the toughest environmental standards.

Comfort Control At Your Fingertips
The KNIGHT’s unique SMART SYSTEM™ Control includes an energy-saving setback function that lets you custom-tailor the boiler’s performance to your comfort needs. It also features a 2-line LCD display that alerts you when servicing is required. And as the outside temperature changes, the automatic energy monitor adjusts the KNIGHT’s output for maximum comfort and energy savings.

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Lochinvar Squire Indirect Hot Water Heater

The Squire Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater has 12 models to choose from in capacities from
30-119 gallons. The Squire uses the power and efficiency of the building’s heating boiler or solar array to also generate domestic hot water for showers, dishwashing, clothes washing or any potable hot water demand. The efficiency of the heating boiler could be as much as 20% higher than a direct-fired tank-type water heater. So, why not use that efficiency to “indirectly” provide hot water for all potable applications? By using the Squire to indirectly heat the domestic water, you eliminate the additional gas line, electrical connections and vent ducts needed with direct-fired tank-type water heaters.


  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • 316L Passivated Stainless Steel Tank
  • 304L High Capacity Stainless Steel Coil
  • Built in the U.S.A. at Lochinvar’s World Headquarters
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • High Density CFC/HCFC Free Polyurethane Foam
  • Attractive Rust Resistant Jacket
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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