Viega Climate Panels

Why Viega Climate Panels?

Viega is well know in the industry as the manufacturer of the highest quality plumbing, heating and pipe joining systems in the industry. Viega engineers design systems that exceed the strictest codes and standards in North America.  Viega is the only manufacturer who offers the patented Climate Panel system designed to go under any type of floor covering – hardwood, carpet, tile or vinyl. This gives homeowners a great deal of flexibility when designing their new home.

Viega Climate Panel System

A Viega Climate Panel System is the easiest way to install a hydronic radiant floor heating system.  A Viega Climate Panel System can include the following components:

  • Pre-Assembled Climate Panels
  • Un-assembled Climate Panels
  • U-Turn Panels
  • Multi-Run Climate Panel System

Viega Climate Panels are the best choice for output performance in heat distribution.  The Climate Panel’s aluminum panels allow the system to distribute the heat uniformly across a floor’s surface.  They can be installed over wood subfloor or concrete and under any type of floor covering. No matter what type of floor covering you choose, Viega’s Climate Panels provide more efficient heat and use less energy than traditional forced-air heating systems. Made of aluminum-backed plywood with specially designed grooves for ViegaPEX Barrier tubing, the Climate Panel system is the most responsive radiant system for new or retrofit construction.

Benefits of Using Viega Climate Panels

  • Easiest Installation
  • Clean, time-saving dry system
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile (for new construction or retrofit applications)
  • Climate Panels add only 1/2” to total floor height so there is no need to adjust doors or moldings
  • Energy Efficient

TJ’s is Your Radiant Heating Expert

TJ’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. has been installing trusted Viega products for many years.  We are an expert in hydronic radiant heat technology.  If Viega Climate Panels are not perfect for your radiant application, we can offer you other radiant heat installation options; such as, slab-on-grade, Viega Climate-Trak System or Snowmelt.

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