Pellet Boilers

Pellet Boilers

The newest rage in Europe – Pellet Boilers.  Many companies were in attendance at the 2011 ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, displaying their unique take on pellet boilers.  One company we visited is here in the United States – Froling; but, they are not approved in the state of Massachusetts.  The Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boiler is approved in Massachusetts.  Please visit our Featured Product Page to learn more about the MESys Auto Pellet Boiler.

 Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boiler

There is one pellet boiler in the United States that is MA State Approved – The Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boiler.  You can learn more about the Maine Energy Systems Auto Pellet Boiler by visiting our Featured Product Page.

And now…MA rebates are available for Wood Pellet Boilers.  You many download the rebate application here.


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Renewable Energy

TJ’s is always searching for the most energy-efficient fuel source for heating coupled with the latest boiler technology.  We feel pellet boilers offer a unique opportunity because they use a clean, renewable biomass fuel.  Pellets are environmentally safe, economical, and help promote energy independence.   All this translates into money savings for homeowners.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Visit the site of The Pellet Fuels Institute and see what they have to say.