Early AC and Heat Pump Rebates 2015


The 2015 MA COOL SMART® Early AC/HP Replacement Rebate Program is in effect starting April 1, 2015, with an installation deadline of October 30, 2015. These dates coincide with the Early Furnace and Boiler Replacement Programs. Please note that the Early AC/HP rebate is NOT available for National Grid Massachusetts electric customers.

This is a “stand-alone” rebate offering, therefore cannot be combined with standard COOL SMART equipment rebates. Qualifying customers will receive an Early AC rebate in the amount of $750 or $1,000 rebate, if they replace their 12 year or older functional Central AC or Ducted Heat Pump system with new qualifying equipment.

 Two Ways to Save

Just like last year, there are two ways a customer can access the Early AC/HP Replacement Rebate Application…

Verification by a QIV Trained Contractor

HVAC Contractors that are actively trained to perform QIV are eligible verifiers for this rebate offer.  All of TJ’s lead technicians are QIV certified.

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To be be eligible for the early retirement rebate, TJ’s will:

  • verify that the system is 12 years or older
  • verify existing equipment is operational by performing an EarlyReplacement Pre-QIV Test
  • complete the “Customer Info” and “Existing Equipment Info”sections of the Early AC/HP form
  • Once the installation of rebate eligible equipment is complete, TJ’s will complete a Post-QIV Test
  • Qualifying customers earn an Early AC rebate in the amount of $750 or $1,000 for the installation of eligible equipment. Plus an additional $150 for having their system properly QIV tested.

Verification by Having a Home Energy Assessment

TJ’s has partnered with a certified MassSave Home Energy Auditor, to provide a more streamlined approach to residential customers wanting both a complimentary Home Energy Assessment and professional, honest, Energy-Efficient HVAC Solutions.  Our goal is to have a heating and cooling specialist, from TJ’s, and our MassSave certified home energy auditor at your home together.  Two professional experts – one meeting!

So, if you think your A/C system may meet the eligibility requirements for early retirement, let TJ’s schedule your Home Energy Assessment and we will also quote you a new, efficient system for your cooling needs.

This opportunity is available to residential customers whose electrical utility is affiliated with MassSave.  If your utility is not a MassSave affiliate, a No Cost Home Energy Assessment is not available to you.

The 2015 Early AC/HP Rebate Form is provided here as well:

Early AC/HP Replacement Rebate Application

Early AC and Heat Pump Rebates 2015

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