Belmont Custom Home – Featuring Messana

Messana Radiant Cooling

This project was in Belmont, Massachusetts.  Our clients’ goal for this project was to have the best technology with the highest efficiency they could possibly achieve and the most comfortable heating system available.  They chose the Messana system.  Messana systems are designed for the ultimate in air quality.  It looks at humidity, VOC’s in the air, as well as temperatures and uses all wall sensors that are very sleek and can be painted.

Mechanical Design

TJ’s provided the full mechanical design for the home’s HVAC system including detailed Manual J, Manual D, all required duct information for permits, full radiant CAD design with circuit layout and description, and full boiler room piping layout.  Our whole team helped out on this project.

Exceptional Air Quality and System Control

The beauty of this system is the incredible control over air quality.    As an example, if you had two large dogs that slept in the same bedroom as you with the doors closed, the air quality would be perfect when you went to bed; but, as the night goes on, the air quality changes from you breathing and your pets’ breathing.  The Messana sensor actually picks up the raise in CO and the air quality change, turns on the air exchange systems and exchanges the air at a rapid speed until the air quality stabilizes.  This is a complete system that really changes the way we look at air quality and health moving forward.

This home has two air treatment units that exchange all of the stale air in the building with new fresh air.  They also introduce a small amount of cooling or heating as needed.  So, it’s not like we’re bringing that hot, humid air into the building.  We’re conditioning it before it enters the space.  It’s very  comfortable.  The home also has four zones of air handling units.  We call them fan coil units.  They are independently zoned for each room.  So, as needed, they ramp up, condition the space and then shut back down, constantly looking at air quality and maintaining the perfect humidity level and the ultimate comfort.

The Messana system also controls every single circuit and every single zone in every room of this house for the in-floor radiant heat.  The really, exciting part about the in-floor radiant heat and the Messana system, is we look at humidity and dew point in the air, so we can allow the radiant system to warm the floors or cool the floors.  As they cool the floors, they maintain around 62 to 66 to sometimes 68 degree floor temperature.  Because we have these sensors, we can control the dew point to make sure no moisture can form in the building and we can actually turn down the floor or turn up the floor.

Everything works together to simultaneously control the climate.  Every room can be shut off individually.  Every room can be completely controlled.  It’s all done by your smart phone, an app or a touch screen.  You can have anything you really want.  We’ve found that your cell phone works great.  Most clients want another device so we recommend just buy another iPad  instead of a touch screen.

Pre-Wired Packaged Messana Systems

Messana delivers packaged systems.This system comes completely prewired, set up with all of the zones with a full wiring diagram, and all of the power heads for the radiant manifolds that plug and play. It’s a very simple system to install. You do need to understand basic wiring and how to do communication wiring; but, once you get by that, it’s perfect. It’s very easy to install.

Auxiliary Equipment Works in Conjunction with Messana

On this project, we’re using a 5-ton SpacePak chiller.  This chiller delivers 60,000 BTU’s of heating and cooling.  The chiller feeds heated water into a thermal storage tank that holds it there and then we distribute it out to the radiant floor heating or the air handlers as needed.  In the summer mode, the Messana system switches over to cooling, uses that same tank and chills it down to 45 to 50 degrees.  At that point, we can send it through the coils through the floor to dehumidify and cool the space.

Heating is backed up by a natural gas boiler made by Burnham Manufacturing.They used this product because it was only going to produce heat for hot water and be there in case we needed a back-up heat source.  As a backup heat source, it can provide 60,000 BTU’s to a coil that can reheat in the event that the chiller system becomes unavailable for some reason.

Project Photos


mSense wall sensor

Slot Diffusers

Slot Diffuser

Slot Diffuser

Bedroom Slot Diffuser

Bedroom Slot Diffuser

SpacePak Chiller

SpacePak Chiller

SpacePak Chiller

Mechanical Room

Belmont Mechanical Room

Mechanical Room

Belmont Piping

Radiant Manifold

Second Floor Mechanical room

Second Floor Mechanical Room

Belmont Custom Home – Featuring Messana

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