Berkley, MA Project – Featuring Viessmann, Bosch, and Picture Perfect Piping

Project Description

Our client specifically requested Taylor to work with him, on his project, to achieve the ultimate HVAC, mechanical and plumbing system.  He has spent the last 4 months at this project.  The client was involved in everything, from day-to-day installation of his plumbing, boiler, snow melt system and his Kohler his and hers shower valves.
A Viessmann boiler runs the heating system for the snowmelt around the hot tub.  It also runs the snowmelt around the driveway area.

This project has three boiler rooms.  The boiler room out in the pool cabana has 500,000 BTUs delivered by two Viessmann boilers that heat the heat exchanger to feed the pool.  The boilers also heat the pool cabana.  This pool cabana area has a Bosch VRF pump that provides the heating and cooling to that space.  It works flawlessly.

The main house has the existing Viessmann boiler that we re-piped using seven zones for air handlers and an eighth zone which runs the in-floor radiant heat.  The main boiler is mounted on sheets of 3/16 stainless steel with smooth edges and buff shine.  Everything, again, is perfectly straight.  The main house air handlers all have Aprilaire 800 steam humidifiers that introduce steam into the space, controlling the humidity in the winter.  The seven air handlers in the main house were existing.  We re-ducted them and piped them as necessary to deliver the ultimate in air flow.  Each one of those air handlers is connected to an American Standard condenser.  See our pictures of the rack of condensers outside, perfectly straight by size on a pre-made condenser pad.

This project is ongoing.  Stay tuned for more details and photos.

Piping Excellence

The piping Taylor did at this home is absolutely stunning.  The piping is perfect.  Everything is straight.  You just don’t get this any job, not to this level, right down to using the appropriate clips with rubber isolation.  It just makes the job completely perfect.

Tim, the owner of TJ’s, talks about Taylor’s work:

“I really can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with our lead installation technician on this project.  Taylor’s dedication to the client and the perfection that he provided on this job has just out-surpassed anything I could have expected.  I’ve been in business for 30 years.  There is probably six to ten people that I’ve met in my life that could pipe with this type of quality and perfection.  I’m so proud of Taylor for delivering this project and working with the client to make sure that his every need and his every wish was brought to life, even if it meant having to take it down and put it back up again.”

Project Photos

Plumbing for Kohler Showers

Piping for Kohler shower system


Berkley Condensers


Berkley Snowmelt

Snowmelt Manifold

Snowmelt Manifold


Berkley, MA Project – Featuring Viessmann, Bosch, and Picture Perfect Piping

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