Dream Home featuring Messana – in Plainville, MA

Custom Dream Home in Plainville, MA

This project was quite the undertaking and ended up being a complete remodel that added 8,000 square feet to the original home.  The project encompassed a little of everything that we specialize in, including:

  • Geothermal
  • Plumbing
  • Radiant Heat
  • Messana Controls and Air Systems
  • Snowmelt

Dream Home with Snowmelt


We custom designed a 18-ton closed loop geothermal system for this super efficient home.  We designed the system for simultaneous heating and cooling.  This allows for the ultimate in comfort.  The system has one hot tank and one cold tank that allows this to happen.  A Viessmann Vitodens 200 wall-hung boiler acts as a back up heat source.


This plumbing system in this home incorporated the ultimate in fixtures – from the pull-out kitchen faucets to valves and faucets that look like old pipes. The basement bathroom has a built in Sauna.  The master shower features a Kohler rain shower that simulates actual falling rain.  The main floor water closets are completely automated. The hot water is fed through the house using a whole house re-circulation system. The hot water is produced using a Viessmann 120-gallon stainless steel indirect hot water tank.

Radiant Heat

The entire home has Viega radiant heat system.  Thee are Viega climate panels on the first and second floor and Viega PEX tubing in the basement slab. Each area of the radiant floor system is constantly monitored and controlled independently using the Messana iPhone app. The app allows the client to completely customize the home to their comfort levels. Because of the solid wiring required, the system is always connected to the network without issues.

Messana Controls and Air Systems

The Messana controls and air systems in this home are truly state of the art and ensures optimum air quality.  Each room has a sensor that looks at humidity, VOCs and air temperature. By doing this, the sensors allow for 100% modulation of the cooling fans and air treatment units.  This actually allows the system to complete load match and give you the ultimate comfort at the lowest operating cost.

The elevator space and the spiral stairs allow for constant air exchanges through the home.

The sports court has its own fully modulated climate control system that controls humidity, temperature and air quality. This system can quickly ramp up and change the air quality in case of multiple people in the space.


Finally the home has a 4,000 square foot cobblestone driveway and walks that needed to be melted to prevent damage to the stone from plowing. The system melts the walks, the driveway and a path to the pool. The snowmelt tubing was supplied by Viega.   The snow melt controls were supplied by Tekmar, including three temperature and moisture sensors. The boilers we used were three Ideal Exalt wall-mount condensing boilers that fully modulate. These boilers are the first wall hung boilers that are approved to side-wall vent using one pipe venting system.

We used the safest application for the snowmelt to prevent any cracking.

  • Insul-tarp under slab insulation
  • 2-inch concrete chairs and wire mesh completely tied together to form one large mesh mat
  • Viega 3/4-inch tubing wire-tied to the mesh, 8 inches on center, 350 feet max circuit length
  • 4-inch concrete pour on top (completed by concrete contractor)
  • Stone pavers sandwiched in a sand bed (completed by hardscape contractor)

Project Photos

Sport Court

Sport Court

Master Shower

Master Shower



Viessmann Vitodens boiler and Vitocell HWH

Viessmann Vitodens boiler and Vitocell HWH

Chilled Water Mains

Chilled Water Mains


Dream Home featuring Messana – in Plainville, MA

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