Geothermal, Radiant, and Solar – Quincy Project

Award Winning Project

TJ’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. is very proud to announce that we have won First Place for Innovation in the 2013 Radiant Professionals Alliance System Showcase Competition and the 2013 Quality Home Comfort Award for this Quincy Project.

The project also made the cover of Radiant Living Magazine.

Remodeling and Home Design


Quincy Geothermal Project Description

The Reck Residence, in Quincy, MA features a 4,000 square foot home and takes advantage of several different alternative energy sources.  Throughout the planning stages, special attention was given to the home’s energy efficiency; and, the equipment chosen is among the best in the industry.   The primary heating and cooling of the home, is generated by a geothermal system, with two 510-foot vertical bore, closed loop wells.  A Bosch water to water unit was chosen as the heat pump for the geothermal heating and cooling system.

For the heating application, the initial heat is generated from the eight Solar Skies flat panel solar collectors set on the southern side of the roof.  They provide the first stage of heat to our Triangle Tube 120-gallon energy tank. The energy tank is the main distribution point of the system. If the solar collectors can maintain the tank at our design temperature, there is no need for the geothermal system, or the back up boiler, to run.

The radiant floor is a custom designed, hand-made, 3/4-inch plywood sleeper system, using aluminum heat transfer plates with 1/2-inch Pex-AL-Pex,  giving us the best delivery of heat at the lowest supply temperatures. The Viessmann boiler is the back up source for heat and hot water and the main source of heat for the 400 square feet of snow melt.

Cooling of the home is energized using a dedicated three-position switch. When in cooling mode, the Tekmar two-stage control cools a 120-gallon Boiler Buddy storage tank down to 50 degrees, allowing the four chilled water air handlers to take the chilled water as needed.  All pumps, in both the heating and cooling system, are ECM motor driven and ramp up and down based on the desired flow rates, as the Caleffi zone valves open and close. Each zone has a Caleffi zone valve and flow meter so we can see the actual gallons per minute.

One of the main focal points of the mechanical room are the numerous Webstone valves allowing serviceability and the best purging options on the market today.  Webstone provided a 11/2 geothermal purge valve that allows us to purge the loop field using the pump designed for everyday operation through a perfectly designed glycol tank. The Webstone purge valve has PT ports, flanges and all necessary purge locations.

Because the home is so energy efficient and boasts such a tight building envelope, A Zehnder Comfosystem was installed to provide clean air exchanges.  The Comfosystem is an HRV system that completely encompasses the entire home with balanced air flow.  The system filters out pollen and all other particles and prevents them from entering the home, while conditioning the incoming air and suppling it to all rooms in the home. Because the system is balanced,the heating and cooling systems become more evenly distributed giving the client the ultimate climate to live in.

The entire system culminates in TJ’s specially designed state-of-the-art mechanical room.  The room was designed with serviceability and aesthetics in mind and boasts diamond plated walls to showcase the room’s equipment and neat layout.

This project is innovating in its custom design, multiple alternative energy applications, system efficiency and beauty of installation.

Finished Mechanical Room

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Geothermal, Radiant, and Solar – Quincy Project

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