Historic Wrentham Home

Project Description

Our most recent notable project was in a beautiful home built in 1725.  It belonged to a local Physician.  We repaired a radiant system, and installed a new Viessmann boiler and Unico HVAC system.

Unico HVAC With Bosch IDS Series Heat Pump

After almost 200 years, we retrofitted this home with a Unico HVAC system for cooling. The second floor consisted of wood ceilings that we wanted to preserve. We had custom registers made by Reggio, stained them and then installed them to match the existing ceiling. The Unico central return was a custom-made cast iron register that we bolted to the joists and painted black.  This Unico system has a Bosch IDS series heat pump.  The Bosch inverter-driven condenser matches the constantly changing cooling loads, allowing the Unico system to cool the house using the least amount of energy.

Viessmann Vitocrossal Boiler Installation

After the AC system was installed, the client took our recommendations and decide to replace the existing Burnham gas boiler with a new Viessmann Vitocrossal 300 gas-fired condensing boiler and one SuperStor indirect hot water heater. The Viessmann Vitocrossal boiler is the only gas-fired condensing boiler that holds a minimum of 12 gallons of water, allowing the burner to operate for long periods of time at the lowest BTU output.   The boiler runs at a consistent 95% efficiency.  Pairing this boiler with the existing cast iron radiators and radiant heat system allows for the ultimate comfort at the lowest cost.

Radiant Repair

There was an existing radiant heating system in the home; but, we found that it was not properly piped and did not have the correct size circulator.  After we repaired this, the radiant system now warms the kitchen floor as it should with no hot and cold spots.

Unsurpassed Comfort

With a fully operational radiant heating system, the warm comfort of cast iron radiators and the new efficient heating and cooling system, the homeowners can now enjoy unsurpassed comfort in their beautiful historic home.

Original Piping




Historic Wrentham Home

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