Milton Boiler Replacement

Viessmann Boiler Replacement

Our project in Milton originally had eight boilers.  We removed them and installed four Viessmann Vitodens boilers with a cascade control. This new system has a Viessmann low loss header that hydraulically separates the building heating loop from the boilers.  The low loss header has a supply sensor installed inside that communicates directly with the cascade control, allowing it to stage the boilers based on low loss header temperature and demand.  This new and improved heating system sends heated water to the primary building loop, allowing each unit’s heat pump to individually climate control the space.

Viessmann Cascade Control

The beauty of the Viessmann cascade system is it allows four boilers to modulate 20 stages of heating. This saves the client a substantial amount of money through the heating season since it modulates to match the exact heating load.

Viega Mega Press Fittings

TJ’s Installed the first Viega Mega Press fittings on this project.  The support we received from Josh Gardner @ Viega was awesome!! He delivered the new hydraulic press tool right to our job site and gave us a live training on the new tool right there.

Boiler Venting

The biggest concern on this project was the venting of the boilers.  We supported the venting with Raywall struts and clips.   Tony @ Pacheco-Cooke Electrical put the final touches on the electrical and the end result of the project was a boiler room that is  picture perfect.

Preventative Maintenance

As with all of our installations, TJ’s will be there to ensure the equipment is maintained by performing annual preventative maintenance.  It is important to ensure this highly efficient system works flawlessly for years to come so that  ultimate comfort and efficiency are maintained.


As a partner with MassSave and MA CEC, TJ’s worked with the client to ensure they receive the highest amount of rebates possible.



Before boiler replacement

Before boiler replacement


Viessmann boilers with cascade control

Viessmann boilers with cascade control

Milton Boiler Replacement

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