Snowmelt – Wellesley, MA

Snowmelt System for Driveway and Walkways

TJ’s recently designed and installed a custom snowmelt system for a home in Wellesley, MA.   Snow and ice became a concern because of the harsh New England winters.   The client was concerned about slipping and safety conditions.  It was very important to the homeowner that the snowmelted areas have absolutely no snow buildup.  To accomplish this, we used a Tekmar snowmelt control idling the slab at 32 degrees.  Below the grade is Viega Rapid Grid 2-inch insulation.  The grid gives us a track to run the tubing in and also provides the insulation required for the snowmelt system. The 4-inch concrete slab was poured on top of the Rapid Grid giving a really nice transfer to melt the snow.   Concrete transfers heat better than asphalt.

All radiant material was manufactured by Viega, including the stainless steel manifolds, the PEX tubing, and the Rapid Grid insulation.  To maintain the beauty of the landscaping and provide ease of service, the Viega PEX tubing connects to Viega Stainless Steel manifolds hidden in specific locations in the yard with landscape irrigation boxes for service.

The fuel source was natural gas, delivered to the system by two Viessmann 400,000 BTU Vitodens gas-fired boilers.  We used a Grundfos Magna ECM motor circulator to pump the fluid through the tubing in the driveway.    Gas piping was completed using Viega products, specifically, Viega ProPress Mega Press gas-pipe fittings.

Mechanical Room

TJ’s takes great pride in every aspect of our projects; but, we are especially proud of our mechanical rooms.  The mechanical room for this Wellesley project was designed for the garage, and neatly displays the mechanical equipment and piping and provides accessibility for service.  The painted walls and diamond plating behind the two Viessmann boilers help this mechanical room stand out as something special.

Blizzard Test

The real test came during the January blizzard in 2015.  That storm dumped over two feet of snow in the Boston area.  We were sure to drive by the home during the blizzard to see how the snowmelt was keeping up.  As you can see from the picture below, we were successful in keeping the snowmelt off of the driveway, even in the toughest snow conditions.  The snow at the end of the driveway was due to the fact that the town would only allow the tubing to come within a certain distance from the road.  But clearly, the driveway is nice and clean.


More about Snowmelt Systems

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Project Photos

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Snowmelt – Wellesley, MA

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