Peter of Lexington, MA

“We love our 1950’s contemporary home, but the original radiant heat system developed long before the advent of PEX tubing and efficient low temperature boilers was not providing a comfortable level of heat. In addition to an overall lack of heat we were also experiencing large variations in temperature in different parts of the house. The house has been extended through several additions. We asked Tim to evaluate the situation and give us recommendations on how to move forward. He quickly figured out that given the different types of radiant heat (floor, ceiling, wall, steel pipe, and copper tube), large glass windows, and different types of construction that we had two major issues; not enough overall circulation flow, and not enough control zones. Tim provided us with several options that traded-off initial project cost against long term operating efficiency. We chose to go with a new low temperature boiler and a re-piped set of zones and associated controllers. Tim and Brian completed the project in three days as predicted. They were a pleasure to work with, they explained what we could expect after each day which was especially important given that we were doing the project during the Winter, and were concerned about being without heat and hot water. Both Tim and Brian are extremely detail-oriented and showed a great deal of craftsmanship in their work. They use modern efficient fabrication techniques that yielded a great end result. We have been running the new system for several months, and the performance has exceeded our expectations. Each zone tracks and maintains its setpoint temperatures in a predictable and timely manner. Although the control system is quite complex, it has proven to be easy to maintain and adjust.”

Peter of Lexington, MA

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