November 15, 2013 Accredited Bosch Contractor

TJ’s is an Accredited Bosch Contractor

Bosch Logo

TJ’s is very proud to have been selected to become an Accredited Bosch Contractor of Bosch heat pumps, Bosch on-demand hot water heaters and Buderus boilers.   We have installed numerous Bosch heat pumps and Buderus boilers in the past and look forward to continuing to support the Bosch product line.  Bosch products are among the highest quality in the industry.

How Do Our Customers Benefit

When you choose an Accredited Bosch Contractor, you know that you are getting the best in the industry.  TJ’s has the credentials, the knowledge, and the expertise to design, install and service your boiler or geothermal system.  When you combine that with high quality Bosch products, you have the best system money can buy.  And, only your Accredited Bosch Contractor can offer you an additional one-year extended warranty on your Bosch qualified products.

Bosch Products

Bosch offers consumers a full range of products.  TJ’s is qualified to install and service them all, including:

Bosch Heat Pumps
Bosch On-Demand Hot Water Heaters
Buderus Condensing Gas Boilers
Buderus Oil Boilers

Please visit our dedicated Bosch page to learn more about their products and features.