February 3, 2015 AHR Expo – New Technology

AHR Expo 2015 – Chicago, IL

Chicago is one of our favorite places to visit the AHR Expo.  McCormick Place is a nice large venue and there are always a great variety of vendors.  The shuttle bus service to and from the show is very convenient and the city offers so much to do and see. TJ’s would like to thank the City of Chicago for their hospitality.  We look forward to being back in the Windy City in 2018.

New Technology

This year, there were several products that caught our eye.


Arzel will soon be coming out with their Haven Home Climate Control.

Haven Logo

This new product has us really excited.  It’s completely wireless technology offers customers the chance to operate their zoning using wind harvesting, , 24v power, or batteries.  It also has an intuitive customer app for easy self management.  The Haven product will really offer consumers a chance to have complete control over their indoor climate and help them realize real energy savings.

Haven Home Climate Control – Features and Benefits:

  • Quickest Installation Process
  • Auto Configures to Equipment Type
  • Pneumatically Operated
  • Completely Wireless
  • Operates up to 12 Zones
  • Intuitive Consumer App
  • Flexible Scheduling


TJ’s has been installing Arzel zoning systems for years.
This product will not be available until approximately the summer of 2015; but, when it is available, rest assured, TJ’s will be ready to install this system for you.

For more information about zoning, and Arzel Zoning, in particular, please visit our exclusive Arzel page.


Another product that has us really excited is the new iManifold system for testing and verifying air conditioning systems.  This revolutionary product is the first iPhone, iPad, Android (smart device) compatible wireless digital refrigeration manifold.

iManifold Logo

The Imperial® iManifold™ wirelessly displays the system’s actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling while simultaneously calculating performance targets. The color display provides a visual indication of distance from target measurement, eliminating guesswork.

The iManifold system is modular and expandable and uses a Zigbee mesh network of wireless probes, which can be repeated and transmitted to almost unlimited distances.

iManifold – Features and Benefits

  • Real-Time System Performance Calculations
  • Powerful Onboard Diagnostics
  • Automatic Airflow Calculation
  • Powerful Reporting Features
  • Efficiency and Time Savings
  • And, our favorite feature … A Professional Verification Report for each customer, which provides them with their equipment summary and complete system performance information.

The system is secure and encrypts sensitive data to protect customer privacy.

TJ’s is already performing QIV tests on all of our installed systems and as a complimentary service to our annual service customers.  This new teesting gauge will increase accuracy and provide our customers with a professional report for their records.

RLS Refrigeration Press Fittings

RLS Header

TJ’s was also very impressed with the Patent pending RLS™ refrigeration press fittings.  They have been specifically engineered to join copper tube in high-pressure refrigeration systems. The fittings are connected by a simple pressing procedure that is similar to the one used with existing water press fittings.   However, RLS™ fittings must be joined using an approved RLS™ press tool and jaws, featuring the exclusive AVA Press Technology,™ which was developed to withstand the high pressures found in refrigeration systems.

RLS™ fittings replace the highly skilled and time consuming practice of manually brazing refrigeration joints — eliminating the need for an open flame and the hazards that go with it — both for HVAC/R equipment manufacturers and service technicians.

RLS Refrigeration Press Fittings – Features and Benefits

  • Flame-Free Joints
  • Faster Connections
  • Better Quality and Consistency
  • Lower Total Installed Costs
  • No Special Tube Prep

We look forward to using this new technology with our upcoming spring air conditioning system installations.

Zigbee Techology

Zigbee technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the HVAC industry and this was evident at the AHR Expo this year.  The integration of Zigbee mesh network to HVAC control systems allows networking and remote access to all of our HVAC devices and is a proven solid network.  We witnessed so many products that use Zigbee technology, including Arzel, iManifold, Rib Relay, Honeywell, LG and so many more.

This technology will allow homeowners to view, and control, their home’s room temperatures from anywhere in the world.