February 21, 2013 Featured Product – Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boilers

Pellet Boilers as a Home Heating Alternative

TJ’s is always searching for the most energy-efficient fuel source for heating coupled with the latest boiler technology.  We feel pellet boilers offer a unique opportunity because they use a clean, renewable biomass fuel.  Pellets are environmentally safe, economical, and help promote energy independence.   All this translates into money savings for homeowners.

Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boiler

There is one pellet boiler in the United States that is MA State Approved – The Maine Energy Systems Pellet Boiler.

And now, for a limited time, MA rebates are available for Wood Pellet Boilers.  You may download the rebate application here.


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Maine Energy Systems MESys AutoPellet wood pellet boilers provide centralized hydronic (hot water) heating that can replace or be used alongside an existing boiler.  MESys wood pellet boilers have won numerous environmental awards including the prestigious Blue Angel for clean and efficient performance. Their pellet boilers are unmatched in efficient, reliable, automatic wood pellet heating and come in a number of heat ranges.

Maine Energy Systems AutoPellet Features

  • Automated Three Way Ash Removal
  • ASME Certified and OMNI listed to UL standards
  • 87.7% Efficiency
  • Two Stage Combustion
  • Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber
  • Programmable Logic Controller for Modulated Heat Output
  • External Detachable Ash Box for Easy and Clean Ash Removal
  • Digital LCD Controller Interface
  • Automatic Electric Ignition with Low Energy (250W) Glow Plug
  • Burner Mountable on Left or Right Side
  • Burnback Fire Prevention Through Air-Tight Spring Actuated Valve
  • Automatic Flame Tube Cleaning Mechanism
  • Bottom Fed Pellet Burner Requires No Down Time for Burner Ash Removal
  • Combustion Sensor Continuously Monitors Burner Efficiency
  • Pressure Sensor and Flue Gas Fan Safely Control Draft
  • Pellet Fuel Automatically Fed by Vacuum or Auger System from Bulk Storage

TJ’s is your Pellet Boiler Resource

TJ’s will always provide you with an honest assessment as to whether a pellet boiler is a viable alternative to heating with oil or gas.  We will listen to your needs and find the perfect solution for your family’s budget and comfort.

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