November 2, 2017 LG Multi V Certified Service Technicians

TJ’s Certified LG Multi V Service

TJ’s has established a strong core of LG certified service technicians.   Our LG certified technicians have been thoroughly trained during intensive week-long courses with LG, in Atlanta, GA.  We are qualified to complete regularly scheduled maintenance and can offer field troubleshooting.  We have the necessary equipment to properly test and monitor all generations of LG Multi V systems.

If you have a commercial space with LG Multi V equipment, look no further for service support.   TJ’s offers service in both MA and RI.

LG VRF Systems

LG’s Multi V systems  use VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology. A Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system is a single refrigerant circuit that connects many indoor units to one outdoor unit. VRF is a superior way to heat and cool any space, providing improved humidity control, individual set points per indoor unit, and a very quiet comfort experience. In the heat recovery configuration, VRF also allows for heating and cooling simultaneously in different zones, further enhancing energy savings and increasing occupant comfort. Energy efficient and easy to design, install, and maintain, a VRF system has low life cycle cost compared to other systems on the market today.

LG outdoor units offer a wide range of systems, including:

  • Air Source – LG air source units use outside air as the heat exchange medium. Designed to operate outdoors, some indoor applications are permissible.
  • Water Source – LG water units use water as the heat exchange medium. They are designed with compressors to operate quietly indoors. LG water source outdoor units use water as the heat exchange medium. Available in a variety of tonnage options.

Both types of systems offer superior heating and cooling.

LG Multi V



LG VRF systems have the lowest life cycle cost of any system on the market today. LG has invested in multiple LG academies to educate on the benefits of VRF technology. The benefits are numerous, modern style cassettes with mirrors for interior designers, less piping for contractors and energy efficiency for engineers.

LG has industry leading tested sound levels, LG manufactures all components within the VRF system even the reliable proven scroll compressor.
LG will continue to invest in technologies which benefit our customers in achieving sustainable designs.

Benefits of the LG Multi V VRF System

  • Efficient Design
  • Energy Modeling
  • Zoned Comfort Control and Dehumidification
  • Sustainability
  • Stylish Design
  • Quiet

LG Residential Options

If you are a residential homeowner and you are looking for residential options, TJ’s is an LG Certified Excellence Contractor.  Learn more about LG options for residential applications and Contact TJ’s today for an honest evaluation of your homes heating and cooling needs.

LG Excellence Contractor