October 26, 2011 SEER Comparison

TRANE 16 SEER combined system vs TRANE 13 SEER combined system

We were recently asked by one of our customers if it is really worth upgrading to Trane’s 2-stage, 16 SEER system, as opposed to Trane’s single stage, 13 SEER system, when considering new equipment for their air conditioning needs.

Our answer – Definitely!

Although there is a nominal price increase for the more efficient equipment, the money savings and potential rebates make this decision an easy one with all things considered.

Trane is well-known for their product reliability and durability.  But, air conditioning equipment is rated by SEER for efficiency and not all models are created equally.  By combining a Trane 16 SEER condenser with a Trane Hyperion variable-speed air handler, for example, you can achieve greater comfort and higher energy savings when compared to a standard 13 SEER system.

Look at some of the benefits of the Trane XL16i (2stage 16 SEER condenser), with a Hyperion air handler, below:

  • Limited warranty = 12 years compressor, 10 years parts, and 10 years coil
  • Moisture removal with Hyperion variable-speed air handler is more than double that of the lower SEER model (14 to 16 gallons of moisture a day)
  • Weather-Guard top, to protect top of unit from any leaves, sticks, or ice that may fall on unit or in unit.  It also prevents children from getting their hands caught in the fan blade.
  • More efficient – higher SEER and EER.
  • Potential rebates

Let’s compare the above benefits to the Trane XB13 (single stage 13 SEER condenser), with a standard, 2-stage, air handler:

  • Limited Warranty = 10 years compressor, 5 years parts, and 5 years coil
  • Does not have any of the benefits listed above

What would your choice be?

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