January 5, 2017 The Beauty of Cast Iron Baseboard

Cast Iron Baseboard

It isn’t just an old fashioned heating source in our grandparents’ homes.  It has modern beauty and functionality that can provide very reliable and comfortable heating in our homes today.

We often talk about German technology here at TJ’s.  We love Viessmann boilers, Bosch products and Viega radiant heating systems.   Cast iron baseboards are made here in America and can operate in symphony with the German boilers and radiant technology we love.

Benefits of Cast Iron Baseboard

If we contemplate what makes the perfect heating system, we would definitely want a highly efficient boiler, a very comfortable source of heating that is easy to control, and for our equipment to be long-lasting.  Cast iron baseboard can really deliver, in conjunction with gas-fired condensing boilers.

  • Cast iron responds to very low supply temperatures providing constant heat at low outputs.   It benefits the condensing boiler by allowing it to run at its lowest firing rate, giving homeowners the lowest possible fuel bills.
  • Condensing boilers rely on low return temperatures to keep its efficiencies in the 95% range.  Most cast iron systems can run in New England at design water temperatures of 140 to 150 degrees, with return temperatures of 120 to 130 degrees, allowing your condensing boiler to stay below the due point of natural gas allowing it to run at 95% efficiency.
  • Cast iron baseboard holds the heat for several hours after the heating system has shut down still giving back to the homeowner.
  • Cast iron is aesthetically pleasing.  You screw it to the wall, paint it and it blends in beautifully with the wall and trim.   Properly painted cast iron does not rust in bathrooms.

What About Old Cast Iron Baseboard and Radiators?

If you have a cast iron baseboard or radiator system, think twice before you send it to the scrap yard.   TJ’s can help you keep it and enhance the elegance of your home. Contact us for help with your design.

Best Applications for Cast Iron Baseboard

Cast iron baseboards are perfect for bedrooms, especially upper level rooms that are not occupied all day long.  We would recommend cast iron baseboard with individual heat controls in each room.  Then, the temperatures can be set back at night, to allow for a cooler sleeping temperature, or during the day, when the room is unoccupied.  Nighttime setback can be done individually or using the boiler, which also has the capability of doing a full night setback.

Our Recent Cast Iron Baseboard Installations

TJ’s recently installed cast iron baseboard in a custom wood shop.  The baseboard married beautifully with the wall and added an elegant look to a beautiful, custom space.



We also installed cast iron baseboard in a dining room under a large picture window.   Although we might have chosen radiant for this room heating, there was no access to under the floor and the customer was unwilling to remove the old oak wood floor.  Cast iron was the perfect choice in this application.  The room is individually controlled with a Nest thermostat.