October 22, 2012 Boiler Problem Solved – with a new Viessmann Boiler!

Original Installation – Knight KBN210

TJ’s originally installed a Knight KBN210 gas-fired condensing boiler, for a customer in Wayland, MA, in 2006.   Shortly after installation, our customer experienced many incidents of noisy operation, including clanging and banging, with the boiler.  TJ’s made a service trip to Wayland each time there was an issue and attempted to troubleshoot the problem.  The installation was completed professionally and according to manufacturer’s specifications.  It was obvious to TJ’s that the problem was with the boiler itself.  We changed several parts to no avail.  We had a Knight representative out to the home several times and there has never been resolution.  Finally, after six years of call-backs and customer dissatisfaction, we decided to replace the boiler with a new highly efficient Viessmann Vitodens boiler.

Problem Solved – Viessmann Vitodens 100

Immediately after installation, the customer experienced a quietly operating boiler, and immediate satisfaction.  He is now very happy with his boiler and appreciates the quietly operating Viessmann product.

TJ’s Never Walks Away From a Problem

We feel very strongly that there is nothing more important than a happy, comfortable, satisfied customer.  We never walk away from an installation and will always be there for our customers to rely on.  This was a unique and, thankfully, rare occurrence.  But, we hope it illustrates the benefits of purchasing a high-quality product and using TJ’s for all of your heating needs.

Viessmann Partner

TJ’s is proud to be a long-time Viessmann Partner and we think the above scenario clearly illustrates why we continue to install and trust Viessmann products.