March 29, 2017 ISH 2017 – Energy Efficiency and Comfort

ISH 2107

We are always impressed when we visit the ISH Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.  The larger than life exhibits by the vendors, the incredible bathrooms, the amazing technology and industry trends always leaving us feeling re-energized and ready to implement those trends here for our customers.

Viessmann’s exhibit was especially notable, with a focus on their 100th anniversary.  You can learn more about Viessmann’s exhibit in our special blog.

This year’s show boasts some impressive numbers:

ISH Stats 2017

Watch the video below for a glance at some of what we saw while we were there.

Top Theme

“The energy revolution with a bright future – we have the solutions”

We say a lot of technological advancements, at the ISH Trade Fair, that will be the future of our industry

  • Energy efficiency and comfort in buildings
  • Efficient future-oriented technologies
  • Twin strategy: heat and renewable electricity grow together
  • Digital heating
  • Innovative heating technologies
  • Feel-good heat through CO2 neutral wood heating systems in the home.

Current Industry Trends

We saw more and more companies defining the future by incorporating technology that allows heat to work alongside solar electricity to allow for even greater effiiciencies.  Not just heat and solar were working in tandem.  In fact, companies like Viessmann and Bosch are incorporating their newest technology with automation and controls into one footprint.    They are controlling thermostats, zone valves, co-gen, etc. and it’s all being controlled by one plant.   Your system knows when you are home or not home, thus, conserving energy when the living space is not being used.  From a service management perspective, it allows us, your contractor, to monitor your system from our office, sending us alerts when there is an issue.  We can then address service issues as soon as they arise.   This is especially useful when the customer might be traveling and doesn’t know their system has an issue.  This can ultimately prevent even more serious problems that may arise if the issue is not addressed promptly.

Bathroom Design

The top theme of the ISH Water section of the show was “Bathrooms for people”.  The bathrooms we saw were not just eye candy.  They incorporated many innovative design ideas, including attention to health, wellness, comfort, resource conservation, and drinking water hygiene.

Here are a few photos of some impressive bathrooms.  A complete list of photos is on our Facebook page.