April 14, 2017 Viessmann Then and Now

ISH Exhibit 2017 – Viessmann Then and Now

As we mentioned in our ISH 2017 Blog Post, Viessmann’s exhibit at this year’s ISH Trade Fair, in Frankfurt, Germany, focused on their many years of innovative products and advancements in the industry.  This year’s exhibit was also a celebration of their 100 year anniversary.   Of course, their latest innovations were also on display, including their heat pumps that are the quietest on the market.

100 Years of Quality and Innovation

For 100 years, Viessmann has been known for being industry leaders.  From their first boiler to today’s fuel cell technology, Viessmann has displayed high quality, innovative and reliable equipment.  It was a pleasure to take a walk through time comparing where the company began to where they are today – and where we are headed in the future.

Viessmann’s First Boiler

Viessmann Dual Fuel Boiler – 1965 / Viessmann Gas Compact Hybrid Appliance – 2015

Viessmann Biferral Composite Heating Surface – 1980 / Viessmann Inox-Radial Heat Exchanger – 2001

Viessmann’s First Heat Pumps – 1981 / Viessmann Air Source Heat Pump – 2015

Viessmann Solar Collector – 1978 / Viessmann Solar Collecgtor with ThermProtect – 2017

Viessmann’s Latest Innovations

As we mentioned in our ISH Blog, this year’s show focused on connected-living – all equipment communicating together and shutting down when the customer is not at home, thus saving thousands of dollars.  In the near future, we hope to be integrating all of the Viessmann boilers we have sold into a dashboard that will allow us to monitor the equipment, schedule service and have the ability to dispatch a service technician in the event of a failure, before our client even knows there is an issue.

We saw several Co-Generation plants, at this year’s show, generating enough energy to power the average German home.

Viessmann has also introduced a battery system, in Germany, that stores all the solar PV energy and then delivers it, when needed, to the home.

We are sure that the technology of the future will continue to manage our comfort systems more and more efficiently.  TJ’s is committed to staying at the forefront of new technology so we can bring them to your homes to help you attain the utmost comfort and the highest energy savings.