February 15, 2012 Aquatherm Approved in MA

MA State Plumbing Board Approves Aquatherm

Aquatherm is now approved by the Massachusetts State Plumbing Board for use in residential and commercial applications, up to 24 inches in diameter.  Aquatherm systems are a heat fused system.  The pipe is Lead Certified.

Who is Aquatherm

Aquatherm is a Germany-based company that has pioneered polypropylene piping systems.  Their Greenpipe, Climatherm and Lilac systems are designed to outlast other piping systems and can be fully recycled when their service-life is complete; thus having a lower environmental impact.  The various piping systems are designed with specific uses in mind, including potable water, radiant heat, geothermal, sprinkler use, and more.  DOWNLOAD A BROCHURE


Aquatherm Greenpipe is a polypropylene pressure piping system, designed for hot and cold potable water and food-grade applications. Combining excellent physical strength with high chemical purity, Aquatherm Greenpipe offers quality and performance unmatched by other potable systems and is one of the most environmentally friendly piping systems in the world.


Climatherm is a polypropylene pressure piping system, specially engineered for hydronic, geothermal, and industrial applications. Climatherm boasts all the unique advantages of Fusiotherm such as the strengthening characteristics of the facer lining, but is engineered with thinner walls for higher flow rates, making it the product of choice for engineers and mechanical contractors.


Designed for reclaimed and rainwater applications, the Lilac piping system offers the longevity and reliability of polypropylene at a competitive cost for any recycled water applications. Because the product is still fused at all joints with fusiotherm fittings all of the quality and consistency of our process is maintained.

Advantages of a Aquatherm Piping System

  • Optimize and reduce insulation
  • Save material costs
  • Shorten installation times
  • Improve energy savings
  • Easily adapt to other pipes and equipment
  • Use low-cost fusion outlets
  • Resist scaling, corrosion and abrasion
  • Prevent leaks and failures
  • Increase system service life
  • Survive impact, freezing, and harsh chemicals
  • Limit linear expansion for better performance
  • Eliminate flames and noxious fumes
  • Have a lower environmental impact
  • Operate for over 50 years
  • Never contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals
  • Be fully recyclable

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