February 10, 2012 New Tekmar Products Increase Home Energy Savings

Tekmar’s Newest Energy Saving Products Introduced

TJ’s was proud to be in attendance as Rob Ellis from FIA introduced the new Tekmar 552 touch screen thermostat and Tekmar House Control Systems.  Both products offer ease of use and the opportunity to have better control of room environments, offering increased comfort and energy savings.

tekmarNet® Thermostat 552

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The tekmarNet® Thermostat 552 is a communicating touchscreen thermostat designed for hydronic heating systems. The extra large touchscreen display allows you to easily adjust 7-day programmable schedules and room temperatures to optimize comfort and energy savings. It operates a single zone of heating and has two auxiliary sensor inputs that can be assigned to measure room, floor, or outdoor temperature. An optional floor sensor allows precise heating of radiant floors by controlling the floor temperature and maintaining the desired room air temperature. Alternatively the room air temperature sensor can also be disabled to solely maintain a minimum floor temperature. The 552 can be wired using 2 or 4 wires to connect to tekmarNet® zoning controls, or can be installed as a stand-alone thermostat using 3 wires.

Tekmar Home Control Systems

Tekmar Home Control Systems save energy by automatically adjusting the water temperature based on the outdoor temperature, this is called Outdoor Reset. These controls also adjust water temperatures based on Indoor Feedback from connected Thermostats. This saves even more energy and heating dollars by further reducing water temperatures when additional heat is generated by the sunshine or household activities.

TJ’s was impressed by the ease of use and set up. The best feature is that the house control looks at all the zones in the home and gives the boiler proper direction based on actual room environments, allowing condensing boilers to run at their designed efficiencies.  Outdoor reset is still used; but, the end result is actual room reset and the ultimate comfort at the lowest operating cost.

Should You Upgrade an Already Efficient System?

Absolutely!  It’s an easy installation and you will experience more functionality and better opportunities to save costs and energy.  Look at some of the benefits:

  • Owners can reduce costs and save energy with a Timer that automatically lowers room temperatures while they are away or sleeping
  • They can now view both the indoor and outdoor temperatures on easy to read, backlit thermostats
  • Cooling control can be added for proper heating & cooling interlock
  • One-touch adjustment lets the entire heating system easily adapt to the owners changing schedule
  • Scheduled floor warming lets owners wake up to warm floors in selected areas of their home
  • Heating of domestic hot water stops when the owner tells the system they’re away on vacation

Do You Already have a New High Efficiency Boiler?

tekmarNet® House Controls are compatible with today’s high efficiency boilers to optimize their performance. This is because condensing boilers save more energy while operating at lower temperatures.

Fuel Savings Opportunity by TJ’s

Coming soon … See how TJ’s combines the Tekmar Home Control with the Daikin Altherma to decrease your home’s dependency on fossil fuel.