May 17, 2012 Improper Boiler Piping

What Happens When a Boiler Is Not Piped Properly?

This is what happens to a Munchkin boiler when it is not piped correctly. The heat exchanger melts and water starts to run out of the front of the boiler.

TJ’s Never Compromises

No matter what type of boiler our customer wants or can afford; TJ’s will never compromise their system.  We always spend the time necessary to pipe the heating system (ALL mechanical systems) properly to ensure proper operation and safety.  We did not install the boiler; but, we were called in to assess the heating issues that the customer was having.  In addition to the obvious boiler issue above, the customer’s gas bills were excessively high.  TJ’s determined that this was because of flow issues and the BTUs not getting out to the home.  We repaired both the boiler and radiant systems and our customer is now happy and comfortable.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

A lot of money is invested in heating and cooling equipment.  TJ’s recommends annual preventative maintenance on all mechanical equipment so they continue to operate at their highest efficiency.  Our preferred customers enjoy 15% off annual service maintenance.  Now is the time to call us to schedule your annual air conditioning service.  Contact TJ’s today!