August 20, 2020 Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, as it is often referred to, is a term which refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.  Below, we feature several products that can provide exceptional air quality to your home or business.

What is “Acceptable Indoor Air Quality”?

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 says “Air in which there are no known contaminants at harmful concentrations as determined by cognizant authorities and which a substantial majority (80% or more) of people exposed do not express dissatisfaction.”

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Click Here to Download ASHRAE’s Top 10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

  • People tend to spend 90% of their time indoors.
  • As air is circulated through a building, pollutants build up, making indoor air worse than outdoor air – up to 2-5 times worse!
  • Pollutants can be visible or invisible and can include chemicals, dust, biological contaminants – virtually anything that can pollute indoor air.
  • In new construction, air pollutants can reach levels as high as 1000 times acceptable levels!
  • As materials evolve, more and more contaminants are discovered
  • Everyday items can be a source of air pollution, such as pets, furniture, walls, ceilings, textiles, cleaning products, etc.
  • Indoor air pollutants are responsible for a multitude of physical conditions, such as headache, fatique, dizziness, nausea, allergies, and asthma.  In fact, cases of asthma have increased 160% in a decade.

What Can TJ’s Do To Protect and Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

There are many products available to help improve your indoor air quality.

  • Media air cleaners
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • HEPA air cleaner
  • Dehumidification systems
  • Bypass humidifier
  • Steam humidifier
  • Ultraviolet Treatment Systems
  • ERVs
  • and more…

Featured Products for Outstanding Air Quality

Ventacity Systems –  a complete family of ultra high-efficiency, fully featured ERVs and HRVs

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  • The only Passive House certified commercial ERV, and one of the few certified HRV, in N.A.
  • Purpose-built to meet stringent efficiency requirements for the greatest energy savings
  • Realize up to 93% recovery efficiency from highly-engineered design and quality components
  • Reduce HVAC energy up to 85%, with simultaneous reduction of heating and cooling loads on other equipment
  • Service customer better with Ventacity’s Smarter Building Platform, providing diagnostics that remotely monitor and analyze your ventilation solutions
  • Provide healthy and comfortable environment for occupants with the highest quality filters and automatic response to CO2 level and room temperature


  • Improved health and comfort
  • Enhanced occupant satisfaction and worker productivity
  • Passive House Institute Certified Component for commercial
  • Reduce energy use intensity (EUI) by 75% and more
  • Quiet operation
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to operate – remotely monitor and analyze your complete HVAC solution
  • Easy to integrate with auto-connect and plug and play design
  • Proactively address potential failures before occupants are impacted
  • Deliver better service to tenants with improved diagnostics

Messana – Changing the Way Buildings are Conditioned


A Messana system is one more way that TJ’s can offer our customers a quality heating and cooling system that saves energy and lowers energy bills AND ensures optimum indoor air quality.

Messana is passionate about RADIANT COOLING,  and they are committed to changing the way spaces are conditioned to improve the Thermal Wellbeing TM of their occupants while lowering the carbon footprint.  Their Integrated Solutions for Indoor Air Quality are designed for radiant cooling to ensure increased indoor air quality and the comfort of the occupants.  When the neutral temperature dehumidifiers  are combined with integrated heat recovery ventilation, this allows the introduction of fresh dehumidified air from outside without wasting energy.  Even with extreme outdoor conditions, the Messana ATU units are able to maintain the temperature of the supplied air “neutral” with the room.  Messana uses mSense to measure indoor air quality, based on true CO2 or VOC readings, the Messana control platform controls and optimizes the heat recovery ventilation to save energy and improve quality of life.

TJ’s is so impressed with the Messana System, we have a page dedicated to their products.  

AtmosAir Solutions – Healthy Indoor Air Using Bipolar Ionization

AtmosAir technology provides your indoor environment with measurably healthier Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Their all-natural solutions have been field and lab tested against many contaminants of concern.

  • The only technology that works “in” the occupied space
  • No ozone in occupied spaces confirmed by hundreds of tests
  • Occupants can return to buildings, schools and medical office buildings with confidence
  • Reduces mold and reduces spread of airborne viruses and bacteria that pass through normal filtration systems.
  • Produces no harmful byproducts such as ozone, titanium dioxide or ultraviolet light

Featured Product – Fantech 150 ERV

We are very excited to also feature the Fantech 150 Energy Recovery Ventilator. This particular unit was recently installed into a client’s home and their satisfaction is worthy of five stars. Our client reports a fresh air feeling throughout their home with windows closed. She loves to cook and finds that strongest scents, such as curry or fish, no longer linger throughout the home. Another noteworthy point is that two large dogs reside in the home and the canine scent has disappeared from the living space. The most remarkable highlight of this unit is the effectiveness of the filter against seasonal allergens entering the home. Imagine experiencing the fresh spring air without the annoying allergies.

ERV Benefits

An ERV system is most useful in areas with extreme weather — hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters.

In the summer, an ERV system can reduce humidity in your home, which helps prevent mold growth and keeps air feeling fresher.

In the winter, ERVs allow the air in your home to retain some moisture, which helps prevent dry skin and nosebleeds that can occur when the air is too dry.

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