July 15, 2020 Piping You Can Be Proud Of

Piping As A Work Of Art

Taylor has been with TJ’s for over 16 years!  In that time, he has always displayed excellent mechanical skills.  But, he really excels at taking the time to create really special mechanical rooms and piping, in various different applications.  We’ve chosen a few special projects to share with you that feature Taylor’s piping expertise.

Berkley Project

Most recently, Taylor has been at work on a project in Berkley, MA.   The picture below is the piping for a Kohler DTV Prompt, the newest digital showering system from Kohler.  The piping is perfect.  Everything is straight.  You just don’t get this on any job, not to this level, right down to using the appropriate clips with rubber isolation.  It just makes the job completely perfect.   This is an ongoing project.  You can learn more about the various aspects of this job in our Berkley Project Feature.  Believe us, the pictures of this project are something very special!

Belmont Mechanical Room

Taylor also contributed his piping artwork to our project in Belmont.  This project was very special and features Messana technology.  You will definitely want to check out that Project Feature.

Belmont Mechanical Room

Award-Winning Mechanical Room

Some of you may remember our award-winning project in Quincy.  He also did the mechanical piping in that home as well.