June 6, 2012 LEED Platinum Building Tour at Harvard University

LEED Platinum Building Tour

TJ’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. was pleased to be a part of a recent tour of Harvard University’s LEED Platinum Building at 46 Blackstone Street in Cambridge, MA.  The tour was organized by the Emerging Professionals Group of the USGBC.

LEED Highlights

It was immediately evident that this project was completed using sustainable building practices.  Even the grass along  Blackstone Street, in front of the building, on the way to the courtyard entrance, was significantly longer than its neighbors and bunnies could be seen enjoying the greens.  There were signs asking for no smoking within 25 feet of the building.  The courtyard was a green connector between the two office buildings.  Permeable pavers led the way to the entrance of both buildings and beyond to the parking lot in the back.  Plentiful greens and even an organic garden enjoyed space in the courtyard as well.

The room we met in was the break room, with bamboo floors, lots of window for natural daylighting and receptacles for recycling and compost.  It was here we were given an overview of the building’s LEED project highlights, including the use of geothermal wells for cooling and steam for heating.  Convective chillers, without the need of a fan, move air based on heating or cooling needs.   Solar thermal panels provide for domestic hot water needs.

The Blackstone Facility has become a model for other campus buildings, with each building trying to do their part in lowering their energy consumption and their overall carbon footprint.

More Details

There is a published case study that we recommend you read if you have an interest in more detail on the design specifications of the project.