March 16, 2012 Taco 1900 VFD pump

Taco 1900 VFD pump allows for greater efficiency and reduced energy costs

The 1900 VFD Inline Pump with Variable Speed Drive is designed to enable building owners and managers to operate buildings with greater efficiency and achieve significantly reduced energy costs.  Thanks to its variable speed drive, the 1900 can match system flow to actual heating and cooling demands, reducing the motor speed when full flow is not required, thereby reducing the power needed and the electrical energy used.

The 1900VFD is part of Taco’s e-smart family of products, which means it is designed and built to provide greater system efficiency and comfort, while reducing life-cycle costs and improving overall HVAC system performance.

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Taco 1900 VFD Features and Benefits

  • Premium efficient motors
  • Simple selection of drives
  • Factory preset motor rotation
  • Allow serial communication with building automation system
  • Robust adjustable bracket design

The Importance of Variable-Speed Technology

Better Performance

  • More efficient method of pump balancing
  • Better system balancing
  • Lower noise in piping
  • Better control prevents cavitation
  • Eliminates valve blow by
  • Allowance for expansion
  • Interim Performance at part load can be optimized

Longer equipment life

  • Soft start/stop
  • Rotating Equipment: Life = 1/speed
  • Lower pressure on components
  • Valve actuators absorb less pressure

Lower “System” Life Cycle & Installed Cost

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower “In Rush” current reduces wire and circuit breaker size
  • Smaller pipe (design 10-12 ft/sec)
  • Less tonnage required in chiller plant

Chiller plant optimization

  • Less capacity goes further
  • Better Delta Ts