March 12, 2012 Aquatherm MasterSpec Update

Aquatherm Now Included in MasterSpec® for Water Distribution/Service and Hydronics

Aquatherm, North America’s leading polypropylene pipe company announced that its poIypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe products have been added to MasterSpec®’s SpecAgent®: Section 221116 – Domestic Water Piping and Section 232113 – Hydronic Piping.

Under the “Part 2 – Products” section, in Polypropylene (PP-R) Pipe and Fittings for Water Distribution And Water Service, Aquatherm’s “Polypropylene Pipe: ASTM F 2389, pipe pressure rating shall comply with temperature and pressure ratings per the plumbing code requirements for the applicable service (water distribution, water service).” And under “Polypropylene Fittings: ASTM F 2389, socket fusion, butt fusion, electrofusion, or fusion outlet fittings shall be used for fusion weld joints between pipe and fittings.”

While Aquatherm has been proven around the globe for nearly 40 years, it is relatively new to North America, so gaining specifications like this further boosts the awareness of a product that offers a multitude of benefits compared to both metal and plastic pipe systems. Aquatherm PP-R pipe systems are connected via heat fusion – which turns the pipe and fitting into a single material – creating monolithic connections that last a lifetime and eliminating toxic materials, glues and resins, and open flames from piping installations.

In addition to its being completely nontoxic, the production of Aquatherm is significantly more eco-friendly than production of metal piping.* Further, fully recyclable Aquatherm pipe is engineered to last over 50 years, which reduces the need for costly repairs that would require more resources and further affect the environment.

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