March 25, 2013 Viessmann Supplemental Rebate for Vitodens 200

Uncertainty With DOE Test Procedures

“An internal review by AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) has revealed an aspect of the current DOE (Department of Energy) efficiency test procedure for residential furnaces and boilers that may result in an inaccurate AFUE measurement for two-stage or modulating condensing residential boilers.”

The problem is in the calculations used to determine AFUE, not in the efficiency of the boilers.

Viessmann Retesting Boilers Using the Corrected DOE Test Procedure

AFUE ratings have been updated in the AHRI directory and on their updated AFUE Fact Sheet.  All product information will be updated in the coming weeks.  Vitodens 100 and 200 boiler ratings are affected.

Viessmann Boilers Maintain High Efficiency Status

It is important to note that DOE test procedures have changed, not Viessmann boilers.  “Viessmann boilers operate just as efficiently as they did before the DOE test procedure has been corrected.  Viessmann boilers are highly efficient and continue to meet federal minimum AFUE for these products.”

Viessmann Supplemental Rebate Available

To help homeowners who may receive a rebate that is less because of the lower AFUE rating, Viessmann is offering up to $50o for the difference between the available energy utility rebate for Viessmann boilers with AFUE >95% and the rebate amount the Vitodens 200 boiler qualifies for following recent AFUE rating updates.  This offer applies to Vitodens 200 residential boilers installed between March 11 and December 31, 2013.

Please refer to the Viessmann Supplemental Rebate Form for restrictions and claim procedures.