March 27, 2013 Energy Efficient Heat Pumps by LG

LG Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

TJ’s recently installed two LG energy efficient heat pumps with inverter technology in a home in Attleboro, MA.  We were impressed by the ease of installation and quiet operation of the mini-split units.  In addition to convenient remote control operation, there is also a LED light on the unit that tells the temperature and the filters are very easy to change.

LG’s most energy-efficient line of heat pump mini-split products offers systems that are available in 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, and 24,000 Btu/h capacities.

All systems in the Mini-Split High-efficiency line achieve Energy Star qualifications. The single-zone systems feature energy-saving Inverter (variable-speed compressor) technology and can be controlled through a standard wireless remote or an optional wired wall controller.

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Benefits of LG Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

  • Inverter variable-speed compressor in the outdoor unit for energy-saving operation
  • Ductless system
  • Self-cleaning coils in the indoor unit for easier maintenance
  • Many modes included, controlled through wireless remote: Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying, Fan, Auto, Auto Sleep, Defrost
  • Four-way Auto Swing feature
  • Chaos Wind electronically controls fan speeds to create a more natural flow of air; Jet Cool / Jet Heat operates at high fan speeds for 30 minutes to quickly cool / heat down a room
  • Operates down to 14°F in cooling mode
  • Ultra quiet indoor unit operation
  • Allows refrigerant piping lengths up to 66 or 98 feet, and elevation difference of 33 or 49 (depending on the model)
  • R410A refrigerant

Project Photos

LG Energy Efficient Heat Pumps are a great choice for single zone heating and cooling, with a clean, streamlined look.

LG Energy Efficient Heat PumpsLG Energy Efficient Heat Pumps