April 1, 2013 Oil to Gas Conversion

Oil to Gas Conversion – Why now is a good time?

With oil prices often almost double the price of natural gas, now is a great time to think about an oil to gas conversion.  There are many benefits to converting your heating equipment to natural gas.

  • Save money on fuel prices
  • Gas heating equipment is more efficient, offering even more savings, by increasing energy efficiency
  • Natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 27% compared with heating oil, helping to preserve the planet
  • Natural gas is delivered directly to the home using underground pipes, providing a reliable source of heating fuel without the headaches of scheduling heating oil deliveries.
  • Cost of installing a new high efficiency heating systems may be eligible for an interest-free loan through MassSave, if you qualify.
  • National Grid rebates are available for high-efficiency gas equipment.

Oil to Gas Conversion – Price Advantage

The EIA Short Term Energy Outlook provides a plethora of information about the various forms of energy, including statistics and analysis and predictions about future costs.

Oil to Gas Conversion Price Chart

 TJ’s is Your Oil to Gas Conversion Contractor

Let TJ’s provide you with an honest assessment of the costs and savings of converting from oil to natural gas.  We work only with the most trusted manufacturers, such as Viessmann, Bosch, Buderus, Prestige, etc.  We are a MassSave contractor and will work with you to install the most efficient system possible so that you can achieve the highest possible energy savings.  We are here for you during the design and decision process, installation and will always be here to service your equipment to keep it operating at its highest efficiency for many years to come.