October 31, 2019 Meet TJs New Mascot

Piper has been with TJ’s since mid-August 2019. She spends her days with our office staff filing papers and ordering supplies for the field. Piper just loves when our techs come back at the end of their day to pet her. 

Our mascot is originally from Tennessee but has resided with her furever family in Massachusetts since March of 2015. She was estimated to be just over a year old at that time. Miss Piper has a wonderful life now, she is growing up with her three brothers and has a great job at TJ’s Plumbing & Heating. Her life wasn’t always this glamorous. When Piper was a puppy she didn’t have a home aside from the church that she lived under. Sadly, she was not treated well by a few young boys local to Tennessee. The boys harmed her so severely that Piper was left blind, malnourished, and scared. Our pup had several small wounds inflicted from pellets and bird shot that the boys had fired at her. Her current vet believes that Piper has had a few fractures that healed funny. Only Piper knows her whole story. Our sweet mascot’s luck changed in late January of 2015. A caring woman noticed her condition and began to stop by the church daily with scraps. After a few visits Piper mustered up the courage to approach the woman and was then taken to a shelter where her medical treatment began.

Today Piper is living her best life. When she isn’t working at TJ’s she enjoys taking long naps, going for walks and chewing on her bones. Piper also takes an occasional trip to get a frozen yogurt with her brothers and loves short hikes at local parks. Piper aspires to be a plumber one day as long as TJ’s Plumbing and Heating promises to pay her in cookies.

Piper & Tim sharing a laugh.
Piper taking in shipment.
Piper’s post lunch nap.