February 20, 2020 The Town Of Brookline Will Not Sit Idle As Climate Change Accelerates

The Town of Brookline Steps Up To Fight Climate Change

The Town of Brookline is leading the way in the face of a climate crisis. We hear about climate change everywhere, it is evident that planet earth is changing. Research reveals that a big piece to this growing issue is our use of fossil fuels, particularly the burning of them. Brookline MA has formed a committee to make a change.  The goal of this committee is to assist the town in becoming emissions free by the year 2050. The committee has established an in-depth plan to reach this goal including the exclusion of new buildings and renovations using fossil fuels. This particular initiative will take effect as of 2021.

So how will the town heat their homes? Homes that already exist in town have the option to make no changes at all. Homes experiencing updates, renovations and new builds will participate in the HeatSmart-Mass program from Mass Clean Energy Center & Dept. of Energy Resources. The HeatSmart program will include the use of Air Source Heat Pumps.  Brookline plans to launch an air source heat pump bulk purchasing program through Mass CEC.

Air Source Heat Pumps Provide A Low Carbon Footprint

Air Source Heat Pumps move heat by circulating refrigerant between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. This allows for the pump to move heat into the building. Pumping the heat uses far less electrical energy and does not burn fossil fuels like other traditional methods of heating and cooling a building. Heat pumps can also be used to cool buildings. This process begins when a refrigerant cools the warm air inside the building which has been depressurized. This air is then sent outside and pressurized.

TJ’s Plumbing and Heating Is On The Cutting Edge With Air Source Heat Pumps

TJ’s Plumbing and Heating is on the cutting edge with Air Source Heat Pumps! These heat pumps have been a great option for heating and cooling needs for many years; but, our options have grown tremendously, for heating applications, even in the Northeast. This is thanks to much higher efficiency compressors and major technological advancements! These new compressors allow for multiple applications on individual systems.

TJ’s works with all of the best manufacturers, whose equipment has the highest efficiencies, including LG and Bosch, and many more.  We ensure your systems meet the highest efficiency standards so you can get the highest rebate and achieve the greatest savings.

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