February 5, 2020 AHR Expo 2020

AHR Expo 2020 – Exciting New Products

LG Demonstrates New Variable Speed Fan Motor

LG has hit the ball out of the park at this year’s AHR show!!!  Their simulation shows how the new residential variable speed fan motor actually matches the load and CFMs.  This is game changing!  They used a ball and you could actually see the CFMs change as the air flow was obstructed. I never expected in my lifetime that I would see an air system that could act like a multi-zone hydronic system.
Now, when we are using zoning systems like Arzel, we can control every room in the home or commercial space independently, moving energy around the building at just the room’s required heating or cooling capacity.  In the past, we had one or two zones and often the coils froze and destroyed the compressors prematurely.   Not to mention the air flow noise and terrible comfort level.
We can now use the LG system to produce hot water and still install air systems for cooling and heating.  The New LG Water Hydro kit will allow us to add radiant heat to your ultimate VRF system, giving you the best cooling system and the ultimate comfort of radiant heat at the highest efficiency and lowest operating cost!!

Ideal Boilers

Our team enjoyed meeting with the representatives for Ideal boilers at the show this year!

Ideal is one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe. They have developed a unique range of high-efficiency condensing boilers specifically for North America.

The Ideal line of boilers manufactured exclusively for the U.S., include the Exalt, which is available from 110,000 – 199,000 BTUs and Gallant, which is available from 250,000 – 399,000 BTUs. Both have an industry-leading warranty program with up to six-years parts, three-years labor allowance and 12-year primary heat exchanger warranty.* They are 95 percent efficient and include an inhibitor to preserve the water quality in the heat exchanger.  This guarantees our customers the highest boiler rebates available.

TJ's Meets Ideal Boiler Reps