March 20, 2018 LG VRF Systems

LG and TJ’s

TJ’s is proud to be a long term partner with LG.  We have been certified to work on all of the Multi V product lines for the last 8 years. Most recently, we have reinforced our commitment to the LG VRF systems by updating all of our technicians’ certifications.  We remain committed to annual training on all LG product lines.  This is a multi-day training class completed at one of the LG state of the art training facilities.

We have now grown our staff to seven certified LG technicians. All certified LG technicians are trained in data monitoring software used to diagnose system errors occurring on any generation of VRF systems. Technicians have been trained to test circuit boards, thermistors, and many other LG service parts. Our technicians’ familiarity and training with LG VRF systems allows them to diagnose any system efficiently and correctly.

LG VRF Systems

VRF Technology

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is a technology introduced as a system to minimize efficiency losses found in conventional HVAC systems and provide sustainable energy benefits.

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Why LG VRF Systems?

LG VRF systems have the lowest life cycle cost of any system on the market today. LG has invested in multiple LG academies to educate on the benefits of VRF technology. The benefits are numerous, modern style cassettes with mirrors for interior designers, less piping for contractors and energy efficiency for engineers.

LG has industry leading tested sound levels, LG manufactures all components within the VRF system even the reliable proven scroll compressor.
LG will continue to invest in technologies which benefit our customers in achieving sustainable designs.

See the case study:

LG Services Provided by TJ’s

We are dedicated to LG and can perform the following services:

  • Piping
  • Service
  • Re-commissioning of systems that have not been properly commissioned to the design criteria provided by LG.

By contracting with TJ’s, you receive the benefits you expected when you purchased the system.  We deliver what we promise.

LG Certifications

The technicians at TJ’s are certified to install, design and service the following LG systems:

  • Multi V 5 Controls
  • Multi V 5 – 6 to 42 tons
  • Multi V S – 2-5 tons residential
  • Multi V IV – 6 to 42 tons heat pump
  • Multi V IV – Heat recovery 6 to 42 tons

We are also an LG Excellence Contractor.

LG Excellence Contractor